no ten minutes.

had a dream!

and it was really weird. like, hmm. it was sorta about this girl at work? sorta? but not really. it just looked like her. she's chinese, but northeastern chinese, so she looks not quite like the 'stereotypical' chinese girl. like her nose is kinda long and aquiline (but she's really cute). she's the one that comes to work in skater garb. like baggy jeans and long lean sweatshirts. in general she's very long and lean. kinda street/skater chic.

anyway! so like! it was her, but not her. and we were hanging out, and she wanted to go (because she had something to do or something) but i wanted to make her stay and since she was right there, i decided i oughta kiss her to make her stay? (yeah, i know, random ideas.) but she were laying in the grass and i was sitting crosslegged and her head was in my lap, but like, face-up so if i bent down to kiss her we were upside-down to each other, right?

so i kept missing! i closed my eyes and i kissed her on the nose instead! so i laughed and tried again, and kissed her on the nose again! so i was thinking, all right, she must be MOVING or something, cuz i can't have THAT bad an aim, so i pulled her up and turned her around to face me and managed to kiss her on the mouth, but i was so afraid i'd miss again i didn't put anything into it, if you know what i mean, so it was like this chaste little peck on the lips and when i pulled away she was looking at me like, uh, that was it?

so i kissed her again. oh man, it was good. heh! i'm like, reflexively licking my lips just thinking about it. i distinctly remember thinking, ok, i oughta open my mouth this time, put some tongue into it and i did, and her mouth was all soft and kinda half-nervous opening back to mine and her lip gloss was like, sweet. is there sweet lip gloss? well, her lips were sweet, hahahaha. so here i am deepening the kiss and like, sucking her lower lip (cuz it was sweet!) and then suddenly she puts her hand on my chest and pushes me off and goes, "I know what you're trying!" - laughing, like - "but it's not gonna work! You don't get ten minutes!"

and then i woke up!