I should be asleep. I have to be up in six hours or so.

I think I'm thinking of Lisa again. Or maybe Sara. In the movies, everyone always knows when they're in love, and with whom. I wish life was that simple.

I think someone once said love was like the sun. Or is that just my imagination? I don't know. It's an appropriate metaphor. Love is a blazing sun. Falling in love is vaporizing in the heat of that sun. Being in love is soaring up, up into the air, mingling and mixing with the one you love, being lifted so high that you don't think you'll ever come down again.

I think I've fallen in love a lot. I think I fall in love pretty easily. I don't know if I fall out of love easily. That probably means I don't. Heh. Either way, though, when I do come out of the sky I find I'm still separate from whoever the other had been. That's falling out of love...

I think when I find The One...if you believe in that sort of stuff about the one perfect girl and whatnot...I think then, when I come back out from the light of the sun, I'm going to find that I'm not separate from her anymore. I think that's what true love, if such a thing exists, is.

But then again, it's 12:23, and I'm writing on 4 hours' worth of sleep.