this is turning into a dream blog.

...but i keep having bizarre ones i wanna put down somewhere!

first up! the pot-assassin dream.

so i dreamt i was some sort of assassin. and i was kinda in a game or something. it was ... hm. honestly the world looked a bit like some early first person shooter, a sort of pixelated feel to the scenery? but it also had a sort of RPG feel. like a medieval village. only we weren't medieval.

at any rate, as mentioned, i was an assassin, and i was there to kill someone. and kill them i did! very expertly! after that i could loot their corpse, a la game. so i found that he had this sorta knapsack. and when i opened it up, it was stuffed full of pot. pot in little baggies, at that.

so i'm like SCORE. and i sit there with this bag full of pot and i'm trying to figure out how to sample it -- smoke it, bake it into a brownie, whatever. but then i start worrying! what if it's crappy pot? what if it makes me paranoid? so i'm sitting there thinking about how to try a small amount to make sure it wasn't shit, annnnnd that's when i woke up.



oh hey, i just found this. i wrote this AGES ago (had this dream ages ago, too), but forgot to post it. alas, i forgot what my other dreams were. but the assassin one was pretty lawl.