survey: what will YOU be remembered for?

Survey! Complete this sentence:

"In a hundred years, if anyone still remembers my characters, they'll remember me for my..."

(insert character type)

My answer: twinked out ahrouns. or maybe my tall-dark-and-handsome types.

Shann: umm.... my slutty characters?

Lotus: my cold blooded beauties. IE: Detriment Kane, Rhyme Delacourt, and Taiven Barrow.

Lessa: *snort* pretty boi kin. *L*

Chuck: "Egotistical brooding manipulators". Or "quirky teenaged girls". ~smirk~

Cody: angsty drama

Jacen: "In a hundred years, if anyone still remembers my characters, they'll remember me for my shadow lord that tortured the bastet so bad that it scared the admins and they pulled the post from the fourms."

Heather: Hmm. My short fundamentalist Christian Mages. *laughs*

Lucky: Characters that no matter how different the concept all end up being slightly sociopathic Philisopher warriors

Stephanie: ... insane, but adorably sexy vampires! or my insane, pyshcotically sexy nockers.

hikes: well until my book is published...they'll remember my dark take-no-shit bitch, or loudmouth proud lakota.

katya: anyway. Either, my cool, reserved, poised and elegant (usually dark haired, usually pale skinned) European types - any system.. actually maybe more that than anything. Josie and Morgan are anomalies. So either the reserved elegant women OR the dark-haired, tall, broadshouldered men. heh

bred: Hated and reviled no matter how much I smile roflmao

maddie: my kin chicks??

liz: If anyone remembers my characters in a hundred years (and they will not. My characters are important only to me, and have their liveliest place and fullest expression in the changeable morass of my imagination), they will remember my inability to say something in 20 words when I can say it in 5000. That's not always a bonus, and I suspect there are an awful lot of people who get tired of waiting around for me to post, even in the current days where I'm managing fairly decent sized posts in 6-10 minutes, depending on inspiration and on-ishness. Otherwise, I will be remembered for prickliness and primadonna tendencies. I will be remembered for my tendency to focus on a single physical motion and add it to the repertoir of all my characters. For example, currently I'm fascinated by how mobile and expressive our mouths are, and how we thin and narrow our lips when we are irritated, angry, or sometmes simply expressing private amusement, the sort of flattened smile that accompanied a delightful secret. I've worn out every possible way to describe that thus far, and it's not always clear to me WHY my characters are flattening their mouths, but right now, every single one of them is doing so. Finally, I will be remembered for my inability to multitask, and my incoherence when it comes to ordinary conversation, and my oh-so-reclusive ways, and my creative typos. /skulk.