another slew of weird dreams.

so i've decided not to attempt to 'catch up' in my blog. if you're reading this, you probably know me and the rough state of the damonian. therefore, there's no need. yeah.

i've had a buncha weird dreams lately. probably not enough sleep/sleeping at weird hours/too much gaming/too much reading. i tend to have weird vivid dreams when i play a lot of games and/or read a lot of books. as with a lot of my dreams, they have this strange undertone of significance, and sometimes menace. why do my dreams always feel significant to me? i wonder what bizarre synthesis of neural connectivity causes the gibberish of a brain clearing itself for the next day to seem important.

y'know, i bet lots of people feel like their dreams are significant. why else would there be so many schools of dream interpretation, etc? and who knows, maybe they are. not in like a telling-of-the-future way, but more in the ... 'this is the raw contents of your brain, regurgitated and blended up for your perusal' way.

anyway. without further ado. my weird dreams:


first one happened like... what was it, like saturday night or something? anyway, i dreamt that my dad was getting remarried. and my mom was totally cool with this, and in fact wanted to do something nice for my dad and his new wife, and like... film the ceremony or something. and of course, i was recruited to help.

the thing was, though, that this wasn't just some regular turn-on-the-camcorder film. it was all long and involved. first, all these people would try to stop me. and i'd have to, like... fend them off. fight 'em off! droves of them! this is obviously inspired by something or other in WoW. then, i'd also have to assemble the camera out of a tube of epoxy and a strangely harmonica/shaving-razor-head-shaped headunit. yeah, i don't know wtf either. and last of all, my dad was getting remarried not in a church like a sane person, but deep inside the georgia world convention center, where i recently went for the neurosci2006 conference.

so, the GWCC is fucking enormous IRL. it's like literally a mile from one end to the other, all underground, 5 stories or something sinking into the ground. huge. HUUUUUGE. and in my dream, it was every bit as huge, only the escalators from one story to the next narrowed and widened bizarrely. so it was hard to get around.

now, me and my mom had practiced the shoot (including attackers etc) several times and we finally got it right. then on the day of the wedding, i was there, ready to do this thing, when my mom was like, OH SHIT! I FORGOT THE CAMCORDER!

i was like WTF, how can you FORGET? and by now the ceremony had started -- some people were singing on stage, and the wedding itself was about 5 minutes away. so my mom's like, try to find another one! and i'm like, well, fuck. so i run out of the huge dark auditorium, and i start running all over the GWCC with its psychotic escalators.

i find a tube of epoxy, but this stuff is a dime a dozen in my dream so i throw it down and keep looking for the headunit. about another half mile away i find a headunit! i was so happy that i just grabbed it off the shelf and started running back, looking for the epoxy, and it wasn't until i found the epoxy and reattached the headunit to the tube that i realized maybe i should've paid for it. but by now it's too late. so i run, run, run back to the auditorium where my dad's sitting with his new bride -- which i might add, looked exactly like this 6' tall, extremely unattractive woman who's the project manager for my stanford PI (i was wondering wtf my dad saw in her) -- and naturally, i get there right as the wedding ends.

i was so. angry. you have no idea. i was FUMING in my sleep. after all that trouble, it was over! after all that practice, fighting off hordes of wedding-movie-crashers, and the epoxy/headunit marathon, it had come to naught. i was so mad, in fact, that i woke up. end of dream.


ok, bored of writing this, heh. more later!