i've discovered something amazing about Bath and Body Works stuff. i've been ranting about it for hours already, and now i'm gonna rant here.

it smells GODAWFUL when you're just putting it on.

i mean. GOD. AWFUL.

brianna was spritzing some sorta body spray and then slathering some aromatherapy "sensuality" lotion on last night? and i was GAGGING. it smelled, quite literally, like SHIT.

was gonna BARF.

so i was sitting there laughing my ass off at her cuz it was so damn stinky, right? then like. 10 minutes later, it started smelling good. like REALLY good.

and then TODAY. sheezus. i was practically sniffing my sheets. i can smell it on my hands, too, so i've been like inhaling my hands all. friggin. day.


it's like this...can't describe it. not a scent-expert. but it's light, kinda sweet scent, but not cloying, with just a HINT of spice, and kinda cooooool as a summer breeze? and then there's this second scent that's kinda heavier, a touch fruit-ish/rose-ish, and like.

just daaayum. both of them. and the mix! and just. WHOA.

can't help it! must sniff! GOD. had this friend once who got separated from his girl by his job for 6 months, and ended up buying her brand of shampoo to sniff? i thought he was nuts, but i can dig that now. something about scents, you know? touch is the most intimate you can get, but scent is right up there under it. it's like closer than sight or sound. you can call your girl or look at her picture, but nothing reminds you of her quite as much as scent.

it's somehow...i dunno, visceral. kinda primitive, hits you in an older, more carnal part of the brain, or something. you can easily dissect the way she looks, make it all brainy and stuff. you can do that with voice too fairly easily. but scent is such an elusive thing, but also so, i dunno...striking gut-instinctive-ish. it just triggers memories and reactions like that.

anyway. yeegad. SNIIIIFF.